Special Features 016: Bottle Rocket (promo)

Movie Podcast Network proudly presents Special Features Episode 019!  Matt (The Sci-fi Podcast, We Deal in Lead) and Jason (We Deal in Lead) finally get around to discussing one of the best films to come out of the 90s – BOTTLE ROCKET.

Wes Anderson, director of some of the most beloved, quirky comedies over the past twenty years, directs his first (and arguably best) movie in Bottle Rocket. The simple yet effective film paved the way for many copycats and inspired filmmakers, and continues to impress and hold up more than twenty years later.

Featuring the Wilson brothers (Owen, Luke, Andrew) and legendary actor James Caan, the cast is rounded out by a number of excellent supporting cast members, each of which serve as a memorable part of the story. Bottle Rocket is quotable, easy to watch, and best of all the launching pad for the careers of several impressive actors and filmmakers alike.

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Considering the Cinema Ep. 003: Ephraim Katz and The Film Encyclopedia

The Film Encyclopedia

Movie Podcast Network presents… Considering the Cinema — A Podcast About Movies and Film Criticism by Jason Pyles. My topic for this episode is “Ephraim Katz and The Film Encyclopedia.”

It might sound funny, but if you really want to learn about the movies, there are a few books that are required reading — or at least — required reference materials for the bookshelves of your film library.

For instance, right off the top of your head, you might think about Andre Bazin’s “What Is Cinema?”; or Agee on Film; Andrew Sarris’s “The American Cinema”; Bordwell and Thompson’s “Film Art” (That book truly is essential); Giannetti’s “Understanding Movies” (or maybe “Flashback,” Giannetti’s “Brief History of Film”); and of course there’s Roger Ebert’s “Book of Film,” which Ebert subtitled “the finest writing from a century of film.” For that one, he was the editor who compiled a bunch of interesting film writing from the past century. Continue reading

Special Features 014: CTS Podcast’s Very Best Films of the Aughts, 2000-2009 (Reissue)

Special Features - CTS Best Films of the Aughts

Brought to you by Movie Podcast Network and sponsored by Movie Podcast Weekly, we proudly present Special Features Episode 014, a reissue of the Considering the Sequels podcast’s “Very Best Films of the Aughts,” a bonus episode that celebrates the best cinema of the years 2000 through 2009.

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Considering the Cinema Ep. 002: A Very Scary Guy (Who Sleeps With the Fishes)

A Very Scary Guy

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. Movie Podcast Network presents… Considering the Cinema — A Podcast About Movies and Film Criticism by Jason Pyles. My topic for this episode is “A Very Scary Guy (Who Sleeps With the Fishes).”

In 1972, Francis Ford Coppola directed “The Godfather” and co-wrote the screenplay, along with the author of its original source material, Mario Puzo. Many people regard this film as a masterpiece and one of the greatest films ever made. I feel the same way. “The Godfather” also won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Continue reading

Considering the Cinema Ep. 001: The Sympathetic Antagonist

The Sympathetic Antagonist

Movie Podcast Network presents… Considering the Cinema — A Podcast About Movies and Film Criticism. I’m your host, Jason Pyles, podcasting from Salt Lake City. This is a free, short-form solocast for cinephiles and anyone with an interest in movie news, film theory, movie trivia, cinema history and film criticism. My topic for this episode is The Sympathetic Antagonist.

So, my objective for today is not to delve into the finer points and distinctions between a film’s protagonist and the antagonist. But just for the purposes of this episode, let’s just assume that an antagonist, generically speaking, is the character who is actively opposing or trying the hedge up the way of the protagonist in his or her pursuit of a goal. In other words, the person who is trying to stop our protagonist. Continue reading

CASTERS: A Podcast About Podcasting – Part 1 of 2

Casters Part 1

This is Episode 001, Part 1 of 2, of Casters: A Podcast About Podcasting with special guest Jason Pyles. If you’re new to podcasting, Casters: A Podcast About Podcasting will help anyone who has ever wanted to start their own podcast quickly become familiar with all the ins and outs of 101 podcasting. William Rowan Jr. and Jason Pyles have many years of podcasting experience between them, and they have an in-depth discussion on the basic elements of podcasting and what you need to be aware of and think about before you hit the record button.

In this episode, William and Jason cover the concept and the hook of your podcast, knowing your audience, co-hosts and how important it is to be flexible with them and your podcast, the naming of your podcast, we declare what the most important thing you should do before you do any other step, advertising, formatting segments and intro/outros, the duration, and the need for a consistent release schedule of your podcast. So sit back and enjoy the most comedic yet very informative podcast about podcasting you have ever heard. Continue reading

Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 243 (Promo): Wonder Woman (2017) and The Bottom 5 Worst Movie Titles Ever (Part 1 of 3)

Movie Podcast Weekly -
 Wonder Woman 2017

In Movie Podcast Weekly Episode 243, we bring you a Feature Review of “Wonder Woman” (2017) with the help of special guests Catherine Campbell and Mack Robins. We also give you our Bottom 5 Worst Movie Titles Ever (Part 1 of 3)! On Movie Podcast Weekly, we always review at least one new film that’s playing in theaters, as well as other new releases from 2017. You can listen to the entire episode for free here!

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Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 237: Free Fire (2017) and Born in China (2017)

Movie Podcast Weekly - Free Fire

In Movie Podcast Weekly Episode 237, we bring you a very critical Feature Review of “Free Fire” (2017), with special guest Joel Robertson, the host of Retro Movie Geek. Joel also brings us a review of “Born in China” (2017). Join us! Continue reading