Special Features 016: Bottle Rocket (promo)

Movie Podcast Network proudly presents Special Features Episode 019!  Matt (The Sci-fi Podcast, We Deal in Lead) and Jason (We Deal in Lead) finally get around to discussing one of the best films to come out of the 90s – BOTTLE ROCKET.

Wes Anderson, director of some of the most beloved, quirky comedies over the past twenty years, directs his first (and arguably best) movie in Bottle Rocket. The simple yet effective film paved the way for many copycats and inspired filmmakers, and continues to impress and hold up more than twenty years later.

Featuring the Wilson brothers (Owen, Luke, Andrew) and legendary actor James Caan, the cast is rounded out by a number of excellent supporting cast members, each of which serve as a memorable part of the story. Bottle Rocket is quotable, easy to watch, and best of all the launching pad for the careers of several impressive actors and filmmakers alike.

This episode is a Movie Podcast Network Special Feature episode, and may end up serving as the first of many in the Preservation of the Society of Lawn Wranglers podcast with Matt and Jason, where the two take on movies they feel are worth recognizing as special and emotionally impactful. To hear the entire episode, please become a Patreon subscriber today!

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