Movie Podcast Network BONUS 008: 2017 Meetup Event – Better Watch Out with Director Chris Peckover

Better Watch Out - Chris Peckover

For those who did not get to attend this year’s Movie Podcast Network MeetUp Event in Salt Lake City, we are producing a few episodes of our coverage from the event. In this MPN BONUS Episode 008, we bring you our Better Watch Out Panel With Director Chris Peckover. On Saturday, October 14, 2017, many of our Movie Podcast Network hosts gathered with listeners from across the country at the University of Utah’s Film and Media Arts Auditorium, where we screened writer-director Chris Peckover’s second feature film release, “Better Watch Out” (2017), formerly known as “Safe Neighborhood.” This film is currently available to stream on Amazon.


I. Introduction
— Jason and Josh preface this episode with an overview of the MPN 2017 MeetUp Event

II. Movie Podcast Network Panel
— Jay of the Dead, Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker, The Gillman Joel Robertson, Karl Huddelston, Rach-Hell Ligairi, and Wolfman Josh discuss “Better Watch Out” (2017) before welcoming filmmaker Chris Peckover

III. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending


Special thanks to Mattroid from The Sci-Fi Podcast for the use of his music for the Intro and Outro of this episode, performed by The Mad Man Chronicles. Thanks also to Universal Monsters Cast producer and composer Kagan Breitenbach for the use of his arrangement of composer Brian Cachia‘s score from Better Watch Out, from the live MPN Meetup Event, performed by Quartet Macabre.

2017 MPN MeetUp Movie Podcast Weekly episode

2017 MPN MeetUp Horror Movie Podcast episode

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